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VRLA Battery Distributors

VRLA Battery Distributors

VRLA battery distributor

As the name suggests, a VRLA battery is a lead acid battery that stores and discharges chemical energy. The active substance on the positive electrode, lead dioxide, is converted to lead sulfate when the battery is charged. The sulfuric acid in the electrolyte diffuses to the negative plate when the battery is discharged. As a result, the concentration of the electrolyte is reduced.


CSB is a world-class manufacturer of VRLA batteries. Its batteries are used in telecoms, automotive, and renewable energy applications. In fact, more than five million CSB batteries are shipped each month to over 52 countries. The company employs over one thousand people and has a vast global distribution network. The company is committed to expanding its distribution network and developing next-generation VRLA batteries.

CSB leads-acid batteries feature a long life of 12 years, making them ideal for standby systems and uninterruptible power supplies. They are also suited for many other applications, including emergency lighting, security, and telecommunications. Founded in 1986, CSB is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of VRLA batteries. Its VRLA battery distributor products are used in over 100 countries for a variety of applications, including emergency lighting and telecommunications.


If you want to buy a VRLA battery at an affordable price, you should consider the OKAYA brand. This Japanese battery manufacturer is renowned for the superior quality of its products. These batteries are durable, lightweight, and energy efficient, and are manufactured using modern Japanese technology. These batteries are fabricated in ABS containers with special alloys and are tested for safety and performance. This means that you don’t have to worry about leaks and fumes when handling them.

Okaya also offers sealed maintenance free batteries, which are completely sealed and do not leak acid or emit gasses. These batteries are commonly used in UPS and inverter applications. They do not need constant maintenance and can be mounted in any orientation. These batteries also last for years and are ideal for high-end applications. Their durability and quality have made them a trusted brand for a long time.

Okaya batteries have become an icon in the inverter battery industry. They are the second largest battery brand in India and one of the fastest growing. They have a vast network of dealers and distributors throughout the country. They operate ten manufacturing facilities and 210 customer care centers. Each OKAYA battery is made with the highest industry standards.

While VRLA batteries have many uses, they are most commonly found in off-grid power systems and large portable electrical devices. They are generally more affordable than lithium-ion batteries. There are three main types of VRLA batteries: flooded cell, gel cell, and absorbed glass mat. Gel cell batteries contain silica dust in the electrolyte, forming a thick putty-like gel. Absorbent glass mat batteries (AGM) feature a fiberglass mesh between the battery plates. These batteries are more durable and spill proof than sealed VR wet cells.

MK Battery

MK Battery is one of the largest sealed lead acid battery distributors in the world. Based in Anaheim, CA, it has 20 distribution centers across the US and Europe, and one in Australia. Each location is staffed by MK Battery personnel. MK Battery has inventory at multiple locations in Canada, which complements its extensive distribution network in North America. This company is known for being environmentally conscious and is dedicated to safe recycling.

It offers a variety of battery sizes and types, including high-cycle and moderate-cycle batteries. Its products can be used for many different applications, including solar energy storage, RV / marine, and specialty batteries. These batteries are also available with chargers. In addition, the company is certified non-hazardous and offers a one-year warranty.

MK Battery is a wholly owned subsidiary of East Penn Manufacturing Company, a leading international supplier of Sealed VRLA batteries. With extensive experience in niche markets, MK Battery offers customers a level of expertise few others can match. MK Battery is committed to high-quality battery technology, and their products offer superior performance and longer lifespans.

MK Battery has the largest distribution network for VRLA batteries. Its expertise and vast knowledge of this technology allows it to provide VRLA battery distributor superior results in the storage of solar energy. Its unique chemistry is designed to provide safe and fast charging, as well as superior cycle life. Its technology is also FDA, IATA, and UPS certified.


CSB is the world’s leading manufacturer of VRLA batteries. The company was founded in 1987 and now supplies over five million batteries every month, in over 52 countries. Currently, CSB employs over a thousand people and has a global distribution network. The company is committed to expanding its distribution network and developing the next generation of batteries.

CSB ROCKET VRLA battery is designed to be used in UPS systems, emergency lamps, and backup power. These batteries feature high-purity calcium alloy for superior performance. They are available in a variety of plate sizes. The company also offers a comprehensive range of battery solutions and services to support their customers.


The ESC150-12 VRLA battery is specially designed for UPS, emergency lamp, and back up applications. Its high-purity calcium alloy provides superior performance. Its design is suitable for both dc and cycle modes. It can be recharged multiple times. Its durability and ease of maintenance make it a great choice for many different applications.